Why Layla?

Why choose Layla Health

The future of medicine is changing and Layla is here to help facilitate that change. Many treatments require simple telehealth visits instead of inefficient, expensive and time consuming in-person exams.

Layla gives you flexibility and control of your medical care. With Layla virtual care, you get to go one on one with a highly qualified doctor health coach or therapist.

Who is Layla?

Who is Layla

Layla is a group of highly qualified health coaches, physicians, and therapists committed to leading the change in the way that healthcare is delivered.

Layla was founded by Dr. Richard Firshein, medical director at the Firshein Center in New York City, who believes that the road to equality in healthcare begins online. Layla is the product of his view that for most people, more efficient medical treatment can be delivered to them without the hassle of in-person doctor visits.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The goal of Layla Health is to lead the change in medical care by making high quality healthcare available to everyone.

Through the use of technology and by cutting through the red tape of standards in medical practice, we aim to empower patients to be part of their care and treatment.