COVID-19 Pandemic

What is SARS COV-2

Sars-CoV2 is the name of the virus that causes Covid-19 or Corona virus disease 2019. There is no current medication or vaccine for this condition.

How Did It Start?

It is believed that the disease started in what is called a wet market in Wuhan china. This is another name for a market the sells live animals for consumption.

It is believed that the virus was transmitted from Bats to Pangolins, an endangered species, which were sold at the market. From there the disease spread to humans and has led to a worldwide pandemic.


How Does The Virus Work?

The Virus is believed to spread silently throughout part of the population targeting individuals that are either immunocompromised, ill or have a genetic predisposition to getting this disease.

The virus gains access to the hosts cells where it replicates and ultimately leads to disability and death.

Can It Affect Anyone?

We are learning that the virus can infect anyone. Ongoing data from the US and Italy indicate that every age group is affected, both young and old.

Patients in intensive care were just as likely to be under 60 as they were to be above 60 with the greatest risk of mortality over 70. Long term health consequences at this point are unknown but are likely to include long term disability.


How Does It Spread?

The disease spreads person to person. It is extremely contagious and for every person infected between 2-4 people will get the virus.

Virus lives on paper or metal surfaces for up to 24 hours. Some scientific reports suggest it can live for several days depending on the kind of surfaces that are present.

Are Most People Are Asymptomatic?

Up to 85 percent of the population may be asymptomatic but at this point we simply don’t know. The real concern is the number of people infected at anyone time can overwhelm hospitals and the individuals that need it most.


What is Social Distancing?

A concept that is designed to slow down the spread of infection. This includes ideas like cancelling major events or staying six feet from another person. In the extreme cities can shut down and quarantines can be implemented.

Can You Give Examples of People Who Would be Most Affected?

Diabetics, the elderly, hypertensives and asthmatics are most likely to suffer but no one is entirely immune, however. The US experience splits evenly among young and old about 50/50.
The initial data from China was inaccurate.


How Does The Virus Gain Access to the Cells in Our Body?

The virus is called a Coronavirus because of its shape. There are extensions on the virus called Spike proteins which acts as a lock and key, allowing the virus to gain access to the cell. Once inside it begins its deadly journey.

In certain individuals, this access causes a Cytokine storm which overwhelms the immune system and causes severe inflammation. The access point is through a receptor called the ACE_2. There are many Organs that contain ACE receptors including lungs heart and kidneys.

What Are The First Symptoms To Watch For?

  • Dry Cough
  • Mild Sore Throat
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Body Aches
Immediate Help

When Should Someone Seek Immediate Help?

Anyone with severe or sudden shortness of breath and High Fever should seek immediate medical care.

How Long Does It Take Before Symptoms Begin?

Generally, between 5-14 days. However, you can be contagious before you know you have it. But symptoms can be rapid onset.

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

Be vigilant. Wear proactive clothing including mask and gloves especially if you have the disease or someone you know has it.

What Role Does The Immune System Play?

We know that a strong immune system is crucial when fighting this virus. Make sure you eat well, take your supplements and stay well hydrated.

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