PMS symptoms

PMS is composed of a constellation of different symptoms including mood swings, tender breasts, fatigue, depression and food cravings.

It is usually self-diagnosed, starts in puberty and can last until menopause. It’s likely that ¾ of women experience symptoms of PMS during their lifetime.


Generally, symptoms start about three days before a menstrual cycle. There are no blood tests that can determine whether someone is suffering from PMS or its more severe relative PMDD. PMDD is a much more severe experience of menstrual symptoms. There is no blood test to determine whether someone is suffering from PMS or PMDD, but a health care professional can diagnose you and determine your needs.

different approaches

Treatment varies but often requires several different approaches

Many women find that switching diets, limiting alcohol or caffeine is helpful. Others have found that medications such as fluoxetine minimize symptoms. Birth control pills and certain supplements may help as well.

Dietary Supplements to support your
Body if you have PMS

Many women find relief with natural approaches when experiencing PMS including the use of nutritional supplements

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